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  • Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.
Discussion of photography and videography techniques, equipment and technology, and links to personal railroad-related photo galleries.

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  by HWB
A weeks worth of videos in and around Mile Post 195 on the AGS South. I had to get most of them on my way home from work when I cross 26th Street in East Tuscaloosa. The signal at MP195 always lets me know what's on the way.

NS 225 at MP195

NS 172 with KCS power

The Cresents

All UP motored NS 172

All KCS motored NS 339

Thanks for looking

Howard at MP195
  by HWB
Amtrak Train 19 arrived first and then Big Mo brought Train 20 into Tuscaloosa an hour late due to mechanical problems ( I thought he was trying to avoid me but he had my hat!) Big Mo and crew wasted no time in getting 20 up to speed and making up time as I barely caught them running track speed at CP Flemming.

And I did get one from the Capture Cam early this morning

19 and 20

Capture Cam

Howard at MP195
  by HWB
Went to Atlanta this week on the Cresent. Not a bad trip. It could have been
better but it could have been worse too.
Shot a few videos from the train. Not my best work but I didn't have a roomette.
Wont ever make that mistake again.
And as always shot some trains at MP195 as time allowed. I'm in Mobile this
weekend and as soon as I get all my rat killing done it's off to the track.

Cresent Ride

Cresents at MP195

NS 345 at MP 195

NS A55 at setting up dynamic brakes at MP195

NS 339 with KCS power

NS 319 at MP195

Howard at MP195
  by HWB
Here are the last weeks videos of the train arounf MP195 on the AGS South. With longer days and warmer temperatures there seems to be plenty of time for chasing but no time for editing. I think I will try shorter videos with more content.
The highlight of the week was a meet between the Cresents at Moundville, Alabama. This was the first time I had ever ventured down that way and got luck and caught Train 20 in the hole to meet Train 19 at speed. This trip also sees the introduction of the Cycle Cam. Yet to be perfected it does have potential.
There is also a massive UP consist heading NS225, Heritage Unit #145, and some light engine moves. Enjoy and thanks for watching

Stack train with push pull UP power

NS 339 with two TFM units

MP 195 action

NS even numbered trains between MP 195 and MP 192

Cresent weekend review

Even numbered trains shorts at MP 195

NS 225 with huge UP consist

NS "High Wide" at MP 195 and Moundville

Amtrak Cresents meet at Moundville, Alabama

Questions, Comments and Concerns are always appreciated

Howard at MP 195