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  by RRGUY
Check out this news story on Metro North's union's website. How the frig can you get hit in the head twice by a train and survive?
  by jtr1962
RRGUY wrote:How the frig can you get hit in the head twice by a train and survive?
Easy. His head is simply one solid piece of bone with perhaps a walnut-sized brain buried deep inside.

  by Nester
ACRE did not put this story out. This came from NY Newsday.

http://www.newsday.com/news/local/wire/ ... -apnewyork

Based on the flimsy facts in the article, I would guess the kid is either off his rocker or has one of those inner-ear problems that causes you to lose balance...


  by the missing link
HEADLINE!man hit in head twice by train:no improvement of i.q.

  by DutchRailnut
missing link if your gone comment on stories don't wait 4 months this was old news in November.

  by the missing link
oh,just having a little fun.yes old news........

  by Dieter
The story may be old, but what do you bet the guy's noggin still hurts?

The question at this point in time is this; Is the guy suing the railroad for his own negligence, or is he OK? Chances are instead of being clumsy, the poor fellow has a neurological problem. The only people I've ever seen get clipped by a train or fall off a platform were drunks, junkies and epileptics having a seizure. Talk about seeing something that makes your heart stop, this guy is lucky to be alive.

I hope he feels better, and has figured out what the yellow line is for.