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  by nh chris
I was wondering if MN's 1999 proposal for a federal grant to rehabilitate the old NYNH&H/NYW&B station at Mamaroneck was ever acted upon, and if/when the work will be done. It''s a fine old buidling, which would be a shame to lose.

NH Chris


  by Otto Vondrak
Station was built pre-NYW&B... Station was moved to present location to facilitate addition of two NYW&B tracks in 1926. And then after 1926, NYW&B had a ticket office in that building until 1937.

Harrison station is similar in that respect.


  by KidRailfan
There was some work done on the building early this year/late last year when the bathrooms were redone. Otherwise, the inside is rather poorly lit, dank, and often smells funny. The roof sometimes leaks too. However, I still love the way the building looks next to the trees and the park. The underpass could use a little work too. Larchmont's being redone, and Mamaroneck must be somewhere cose behind in being brought up to ADA standards. However, at Larchmont, there was not even a ramp to the platform on the southbound side, so it was more of a desparate case. There was a plan a while back to bulldoze the park for parking spaces (no pun intended), but it was stopped. I don't know either when the rehab will start on the station and building, but I expect it will be soon after Larchmont.