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  by Amtrak7
http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?secti ... id=9344844" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Initial media reports are coming in of a revenue train derailment w/ injuries and cars on their side at Spuyten Duyvil.

No clue as to which train, or if it's diesel or electric.
  by Amtrak7
Diesel equipment: 5:55a from Poughkeepsie.
  by Amtrak7

Source: Darien PD Facebook page
  by Amtrak7

NY Post. P32ACDM 225. There isn't supposed to be a 4th track there, right?
  by peconicstation
As you can see (1) coach ALMOST went into the Hudson.

CBS TV has been reporting near the site, and at this point the hope is there are no fatalities.

The train was doubt busier than a usual Sunday, due to the Holiday Weekend.

  by RearOfSignal
This is a terrible incident. The photos are telling, particularly the one from the post of the engine on the side. This is a mess!
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  by Bill D
Metro North is reporting that Hudson Line service is operating to Tarrytown from points north. Busing will be provided between Tarrytown and White Plains. My thoughts and prayers for all those injured in this crash.
  by cnj1524
I wonder if the security cams got this on video
  by Morisot
Wide pink line indicates area where this derailment occurred. Thin pink line shows approximately where the cars were off the track. The yellow line shows where the last derailment was (since there was some "on air" speculation about whether they were connected.)Image
  by LRail
I think the 4th track he was referring to is the Empire connection for Amtrak into Penn. Sta.
  by Fan Railer
Amtrak7 wrote:Image

NY Post. P32ACDM 225. There isn't supposed to be a 4th track there, right?
If you're referring to where the P32 is laying, then no, there isn't a track there. I don't know why the MTA or the news agencies are saying that only 5 railcars derailed, when it is clear from the photos that the entire train has derailed.
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