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  by Gilbert B Norman
WBBM 780/105.9, as well as the METRA website, are reporting indefinite delays at Congress Park owing to a "HAZMAT situation".

I haven't heard anything go by since I learned of this incident about two hours ago.

It will be interesting to see how this affects this evening's rush; maybe not at all with luck.
  by Gilbert B Norman
A few moments ago a WB METRA came by, right now there was a WB freight.

The line is open.
  by doepack
UP/W was definitely the preferred alternate; rode train 41 (4:11 to Elburn) home yesterday, and it was packed with BNSF refugees. Awhile back, I recall Metra coming up with a plan to ease overcrowding at CUS in the vestibule area by the gates whenever a major service disruption occurred. I think it included Metra and/or CUS employees herding everyone into the great hall, and closing off access to the tracks until the trains were released for service, or something like that. As I overheard some of the chatter among the BNSF passengers, many of them said that the vestibule area was jam packed solid with a lot of confused people, and very little information was getting through, so it doesn't appear the plan worked very well.

Mysterious liquid in bags was the culprit. Still unclear how it got there...