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  • General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.
General discussion about working in the railroad industry. Industry employers are welcome to post openings here.

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  by budgey
Any conductors/engineers working in Me on these boards? I work down south for CSX and maybe considering trying to come to work in Me. Just looking for info about pay, working conditions, senority, etc.. Thanks for the help, Andy

  by Dieter
Andy - Unless you grew up in Maine, or have relatives in Maine, you had better take an extended vacation in Maine in the WINTER before you think of relocating there permanently. It isn't for everybody and can be a classic case of being the kind of place that's great to take a vacation to but day to day living is another matter.

  by CN9634
Work the SLR or MMA if you do come up this way.
  by budgey
Hey guys, thanks for the reply. I lived in Maine for about 3 years while stationed down east in the Navy. My wife was born and raised in Maine. Thanks again for the replies, Andy

  by murray83
The NBSR is un union and its 100% family plus with the politics a tip is to stay away,the MMA and SLR I believe are both union one of those 2 were looking for personal awhile back.

  by Joe Fox
I believe MMA was looking for people when they first started up. It's not bad to live hear in Maine, if as others have said, you are used to the cold. Last winter, we had people from Mass complaining about the 45 degree days in the winter, and we told them that we were used to at least an average of 0 or below, and that was the reason for us to be in t-shirts.


  by MEC407
This thread is now almost eight months old, but if you are still looking for railroad work in Maine, your best bet would be to check out the web sites of the various railroads and see if they have any job postings. If they do, send in an application or resume.

Railroad work "is what it is" as they say, but for the most part, MMA and SLR are pretty good companies to work for, all things considered. There is also the Maine Eastern, but they're quite small and probably don't have much turnover. Nevertheless, it can't hurt to look into it. They run from Brunswick to Rockland, which is certainly a very nice and pretty part of the state, and the winters on the coast aren't quite as rugged as Up Nawth in MMA territory.

There is also Amtrak from Portland to Boston, if you'd prefer to live in the more "urban" part of the state. (Not that there are really any truly urban areas in Maine!)