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  by downbeat
According to a post on Canadian Passenger Rail, Via will operate a so-called hospital train on Tuesday, April 27 from Montreal to Moncton. Get your cameras ready!
Canadian Passenger Rail Yahoo! Group wrote:VIA is requesting to operate an Hospital train from Montreal (MMCT) to
Industrial Rail Services Inc ( IRSI ) located in Moncton , NB with the
following equipment :

Two (2) VIA F40 locomotives (ser. 6400)
one (1) VIA Sleeper (for crews and riders) with (17) LRC units no. -
6930,(6904),(6928),(6924),(6911),(6927),(6901),(6915),6909,(6910),6913,(6916),6900,(6923),6925,(6922), (6902) and IRSI coach - 132, VIA Coach SS, VIA Baggage SS.

Equipment in brackets - brakes are inoperative

Total of (23) pieces of equipment , with a length of 1540 ft with a tonnage of 2480 tons.

The above equipment has been inspected by CN and VIA ( xxxxxxxxxxxxx ) at the MMCT last week , with no Dimension load restrictions (within Plate C)

Operating instructions:

Will be operating at 20 mph for the first 10 miles , inspected by VIA for the
bearing checking and to augment gradually by segment of 10 mph after with amaximum speed up to 50 mph . To be determined en route by VIA (xxxxxxxxxxxx)

VIA will be providing the crews for the entire trip

The Two (2) F40 , sleeper, Coach and Baggage will be returning from Moncton deadhead on regular no. 15 ex. Moncton on April 30 with layover at Moncton for 24 hrs , to permit using the same crews

Fueling arrangements will be done by VIA ( fuel at Riv. du Loup )

The train will operate on the following schedule:

JOFFRE PQ 2304 2319 0
RIVLOUP PQ 0205 0207 1
MONCTON NB AT 1130 Dest 1

Raymond Morrissette
Z Scale
Bedford-Dartmouth-Springhill-Sussex-Napadogan subdivisions
MP 44 emb Granby spur
  by chriskay
Is this to refurbish the cars? If so, what for? Like is this for Via 1 cars or coach?


  by downbeat
The cars being transferred to IRSI in Moncton are LRC locomotives (units in the 6900 series). IRSI bought them from Via -- presumably for refurbishment and resale. I've read elsewhere that these LRC locomotives no longer have the Via logo on them and have been stenciled IRSI instead.