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  by St-Jean Diamond
What's the story behind VIA LRC 6921 ending up at Exporail Canadian railway museum in St-Constant. Did they have to shell out $$$ to aquire it? Is the prime mover (Alco 251 engine) still in it? Thanks for the infos!


  by AmtrakFan
Were the rest of the LRC scrapped?


  by missthealcos
No, Via still has a few on the property, and 17 were sold to Industrial Rail services in Moncton(The RDC people)who seems to be formulating plans for them. I think 6921 was donated, along with 6309, and Sibley Park(one of 3 Park cars that were never rebuilt) wasn't it?

  by missthealcos
Hmm, Sibley park has been robbed of it's original trucks. I've also noticed lately that the baggage cars also now have old CN trucks under them all of a sudden.