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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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Q302 Cincinnati OH-Rocky Mount NC
Q303 Rocky Mount NC-Cincinnati OH
Q310 Avon IN-Russell KY
Q311 Russell KY-Avon IN
Q316 Cincinnati OH-Cumberland MD
Q317 Cumberland MD-Cincinnati OH
Q350 Cincinnati OH-Chicago IL (BRC)
Q351 Chicago IL (BRC)-Cincinnati OH
Q352 Cincinnati OH-Chicago IL (Barr)
Q353 Chicago IL (Barr)-Cincinnati OH
Q360 Cincinnati OH-Avon IN
Q361 Avon IN-Cincinnati OH
Q504 Louisville KY-Cincinnati OH
Q505 Cincinnati OH-Louisville KY
Q506 Cincinnati OH-Walbridge OH
Q507 Walbridge OH-Cincinnati OH
Q508 Cincinnati OH-Detroit MI
Q509 Detroit MI-Cincinnati OH
Q541 Cincinnati OH-Waycross GA
Q542 Waycross GA-Cincinnati OH
Q560 Cincinnati OH-Selkirk NY
Q561 Selkirk NY-Cincinnati OH
Q571 Cincinnati OH-Etowah TN
Q572 Etowah TN-Cincinnati OH
Q573 Cincinnati OH-Nashville TN
Q574 Birmingham AL-Cincinnati OH
Q575 Cincinnati OH-Birmingham AL
Q576 Birmingham AL-Cincinnati OH
Q588 Wauhatchie TN-Avon IN
Q589 Avon IN-Wauhatchie TN
Q647 Chicago IL (BRC)-Waycross GA
Q648 Waycross GA-Chicago IL (BRC)

Q142 Jacksonville FL-North Baltimore OH
Q143 North Baltimore OH-Jacksonville FL

Q201 Cincinnati OH-Louisville KY
Q204 Louisville KY-Walbridge OH
Q205 Madison IL (TRRA)-Louisville KY
Q206 Louisville KY-East St. Louis IL (A&S)
Q211 Louisville KY-Cayce SC
Q216 Louisville KY-Chester PA
Q217 Chester PA-Louisville KY
Q220 Baldwin FL-Louisville KY
Q231 Walbridge OH-Louisville KY
Q237 Louisville KY-Baldwin FL
Q244 Louisville KY-Gibson IN (IHB)
Q248 Louisville KY-Gibson IN (IHB)
Q250 Birmingham AL-Louisville KY
Q254 Louisville KY-Cleveland OH
Q263 East Brookfield MA-Louisville KY
Q277 Baltimore MD-Louisville KY
Q284 Smyrna TN-Louisville KY

C001 As Needed Herzog
C002 As Needed Herzog
D006 As Needed Work Train
D007 As Needed Work Train
D008 As Needed Work Train
D009 As Needed Work Train
D011 As Needed Work Train
D743 Lima OH-Tontagany OH
D744 Lima OH-Tipp City OH
J700 Vincennes IN-Washington IN Sun-Fri
J700 Vincennes IN-Flora IN Sun-Fri
J702 Owensboro KY-Irvington KY
J703 Louisville KY-Skillman KY
J706 Owensboro KY-Louisville KY
J707 Louisville KY-Owensboro KY
J708 Terre Haute IN
J709 Vincennes IN-Shelborn IN
J709 Vincennes IN-Princeton IN
J718 Louisville KY-O'Bannon KY
J752 Skillman KY Daily On Duty @ 08:30
J753 Owensboro KY
J756 Bowling Green KY-Glasgow KY Daily
J757 Louisville KY-O'Bannon KY Daily
J758 O'Bannon KY-La Grange KY Daily
J759 Bowling Green KY-Gallatin TN Mon-Sat
J760 Gallatin TN-Bristow KY Daily
J761 O'Bannon KY-Louisville KY Daily
J763 O'Bannon KY-Louisville KY Daily
J764 O'Bannon KY-Louisville KY Daily
J765 Louisville KY-Bowling Green KY Sun-Fri
J766 Skillman KY 3x a week On Duty @ 16:30
J767 Cincinnati OH-Worthville KY
J768 Bowling Green KY-Louisville KY
J786 Cincinnati OH-Aurora IN Mon-Sat
J791 New Miami OH-Middletown OH Mon-Sat
J792 New Miami OH-Cincinnati OH Mon-Sat