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  by orulz
I am an out-of-towner who is fascinated with the Chicago Loop.

Chicago-L.org has some great information about the modernization of the stations on the Loop. It has been going on since the 1980s when the plans to tear down the loop and replace it with a subway were abandoned.

It seems four stations have not yet been substantially renovated as a part of this effort:

Madison/Wabash and Randolph/Wabash: CTA plans to consolidate these stations by closing them and building a new Washington/Wabash station between Washington and Madison. Construction is supposed to begin in 2017 so it seems that this is still an active project. Is there any recent information you guys have heard about design or features of this station?

State / Lake: The current station would be closed and replaced by a new one built to the east of Lake Street, resulting in a less obstructed vista up and down State Street. No construction date is mentioned on chicago-l.org; is an active project or is it on the back burner? Any plans for an in-system transfer like the one at Clark/Lake, or is the current out-of-system transfer deemed good enough?

LaSalle / Van Buren: I see no mention of plans for improvements. It has apparently not been modified extensively since its original construction except for lengthening the platforms. What sort of condition is it in? Any idea what CTA plans to do with it?
  by justalurker66
I don't see how a major renovation could be done without accessibility. The more work done the more likely that they will be forced to change more to meet the standards. A new station would certainly cross the threshold of needing accessibility.