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  by SlowFreight

I'm on a search to find good photos of the flat cars that Budd used to deliver the CTA 2600-series cars. I remember seeing these parked at North Avenue to get hauled up the Weber Sub (back when it was still a subdivision). The best pics I've found are a few like this one:


But it's not enough to even begin modeling the flat cars. My goal is to have a pair of new 2600s on flat cars for my layout, and the hardest part is now solved with the IHP resin kits. Can anybody help me chase down info on these flat cars?

This was so much more elegant than the lowboys that brought in the 3200 series cars.
  by R36 Combine Coach
For factory photos, there's quite some stuff on CTA 3200, which was the last car to roll out of Red Lion on April 3, 1987. This page has some.
R36: Good pictures from Philadelphia Chapter-NRHS of the final 2600 car built as they were leaving the Budd Red Lion plant...
Ironically it was car #3200...meaning that the CTA began the 3200 series car numberings at 3201...

I wonder if Graham Garfield at www.chicago-l.org is aware of these photos...they and other delivery pics would be good additions there I believe...and we cannot forget this website with a big CTA section:

  by Tadman
R36, thanks for posting those. Philly NRHS has great pictures, I love their site. I wish it were on a wordpress platform or similar where posts could be tagged by topic, though. I don't really get interested in CSX locals on ex-Reading, but I love transit and traction.
  by SlowFreight
This is turning out to be a really tough search. I'm sure the pics are out there, but I haven't been able to find them through any of the usual suspects. Wonder if there's any more pics of them on Conrail...
  by buddah
interesting topic, I cant think of any other pics on-line of 2600 being shipped however oddly enough I just returned from a trip to Toronto and on my way back to Chicago while still in Canada on the 401 highway by exit 299 ( I mental marked it because it had me totally shocked) would you believe I saw a brand new CTA 5000 series car riding on a flat bed semi truck ( the 5000 car itself had no trucks mounted on it). I wish I could have caught a pic but alas by the time I knew what it was It was too late. camera was in my pocket . The odd thing was I was heading west ( to the border) and the truck hauling the CTA car was headed East ( to Toronto ). Does anyone know how the new CTA cars are being delivered to Chicago?
  by byte
It was probably just a shell, being sent to the Bombardier plant out east to be outfitted with trucks, propulsion equipment, etc before being sent to Chicago (where are the shells being produced? I have no idea). Every time I've seen photos of an "L" car on a truck, it's always been with trucks under it.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Here's CTA 2978 being delivered. At left are some Chrysler K-cars-two new red 1985 Dodge Aries sedans and a LeBaron on the lower rack.
  by SlowFreight
Outstanding! This is enough to get me off and running, as it shows all kinds of things that I never would have known otherwise. R36, if this is your photo, I'm interested if you have any more.
  by buddah
well slowfreight Im sorry I cant deliver a picture of the 2600 cars bing delivered I was just a kid back in those days, however if you can settle for a 5000 series I can help you out with that.. Just weeks ago I saw one on a flat bed with out its trucks or undercarriage electronics In Canada and I missed the photo op but as luck would have it lightning does "STRIKE THE SAME PLACE TWICE" got to love karma. I happen to catch one on a flat bed in Kankakee IL today and oddly enough again this one was heading South away from Chicago, go figure.
  by SlowFreight

As before, still looking for good pics of the 2600s on TTX flats being delivered.