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  by David Benton
"London to Tokyo by train: Russia rail-bridge makes 14000km route possible "
https://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/news/ ... d=12224658" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
I assume this article was originally written for a British Newspaper. Obviously this project is way more important to Japan and Russia than it is to London.
Looking at a map the appeal of the bridge is apparent. If looking to connect to Western Europe , perhaps a new more northerly route than the Trans Siberian may become feasible. Particularly if new land becomes viable in the north with Global warming. A straight line northerly route would be around 9000 k.m Japan to London
  by george matthews
There are two gauge changes that would make through carriages rather unlikely. So travel would still require several changes of train. Channel Tunnel trains are rather specialised so would certainly not be suitable to travel beyond their usual routes - recently extended to Amsterdam.
  by johnthefireman
Many modern passenger trains are fitted with variable gauge wheelsets, as I experienced on a train from France to Spain 15 years ago. The train moves slowly through the gauge-changing equipment without stopping. There is no need to change trains.

See Wikipedia

Whether any particular train set, such as Eurostar, is compatible with all the other railway systems en route, including signalling and train control, is a different issue.
  by george matthews
I think a rail journey from London to Japan would be possible, but not on a single through train. London to Brussels - as now. Brussels to Moskva - as now. Moskva to the Pacific - as now. Change to a train to Japan, probably a similar sort to the Eurostar trains.

Tackling CO2 in the atmosphere is bound to require restrictions on air travel, so a rail link will be more likely when air travel has been drastically cut.