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  by PRRGuy
I'd like to know the whereabouts of all the former power of the South Shore.
So far I've gotten:

Little Joes

801 : scrapped

One is in Erie, PA and the other is at IRM not sure which is which.


I've heard that one of the EX C&O geeps is in service on an Indiana short line somewhere.

  by Tadman
I think all the 700's are scrapped.

Don't forget the F45's CSS owned for a short while, I think some are at MRL or NYSW at one time.

  by PRRGuy
Yeah, I'm pretty sure chessie had all the 700's scrapped. How many F45's did CSS have? I've only seen a picture of one ex BN one.

Any ideas about the SW-1 or any of the C&O stuff?

  by JLJ061
803 was restored and now lives at the Illinois Railway Museum.


  by Tadman
I think three F45s, and they were there in 1986. Total junk too. BN ran the wheels off 'em. It always surprised me CSS had the baddest freight power in the land - Joes were far more powerful than any diesel until recently - and the C&O bought 'em the dinkiest geeps as a replacement. Not that I don't enjoy a good show of the geeps going crazy to keep freight out of the way. But I was always shocked the C&O didn't give them 4-5 SD40's.

  by MR77100
According to Donald R. Kaplan's DUNELAND ELECTRIC, the three ex-FEC GP7's and ex-C&O GP& #1501 were sold to D.A. Wilson in Ames, Iowa. He later sold the three FEC units to Columbus & Greenville. The rest of the GP7's went back to the C&O where they ran until the mid 80's.

  by MikeF
MR77100 wrote:The rest of the GP7's went back to the C&O where they ran until the mid 80's.
One of them, CSS 1508, which was C&O 5833 before and after its tenure on the South Shore, now operates on the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway in Ohio.

  by PRRGuy
I wonder if they would trade it for our NICTD 1000? :P