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  by metra104
Which Locomotives Have The Loudest Horns The F40PH's,The F40PH-2,The F40PHM-2 Or The MPI MP36PH-3S

  by MetraF40C607

  by metra104
MetraF40C607 wrote:MP36PHIs.
I Agree! 408 Has The Loudest Horn

  by MetraF40C607
The MP36s horn loudness doesn't really vary, considering they should all be blowing at around the same PSI, somewhere between 120-140 psi.

  by Clyde
That's correct. Horns and air pressure (130-140 psi) are the same for the entire Metra fleet.

However the MP36's horn relay valve being on top of electrical cabinet, makes less piping and fittings between the relay and the horn thus less air flow restriction probably. Does it make sense ?


  by MetraF40C607