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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New York State.

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  by blabey
Note that the Poor's Manual referenced in the above post shows the Corporate Secretary of the Livonia & Lake Conesus RR to be an "M. B. Fuller". I presume that Mr. Fuller was the great grandfather of Mortimer B. Fuller III, the present Chairman of Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. The Fuller family organized both the G&W and the Livonia & Lake Conesus to serve the requirements of their salt operations in the Genesee Valley. Much later, Mort Fuller III had the vision to take the 11-mile shortline his family owned and to build a giant railroad conglomerate that spans the globe from Australia to South America and Europe.
  by erie2521
The wonders of the Internet! Ask a little question and look what we all learned. Thanks a lot, one and all. Ted
  by sean3f
Here is a video of a meeting of two train's at Conesus junction, that is a steep grade. You can see a train on the line from Livonia and he has to switch back .


It's at the end but, Did this used to be part of the Livonia and Lake Conesus?
  by blabey
Conesus Lake Jct. was where the Erie linked up with the CONESUS LAKE RR. The current LAL line between Conesus Lake Jct. and the end of track at Smith Lumber in lakeville was originally built by the Conesus Lake RR - an independent company which the Erie later acquired. The little line connected with steamboats on the lake across a pier that is long gone.

The Livonia & Lake Conesus was a different line affiliated with the salt mine south of Livonia which was owned by the same interests that owned the G&W.
  by RailKevin
The Steam Powered Video's Comprehensive Railroad Atlas of North America (Northeast Edition 2007) shows the alignment of the L&LC on page 50. I cannot scan the page without permission, so I will describe what is depicted instead. The only topography on the map is water, so some interpolation will be necessary.

From south to north, the L&LC starts at South Livonia (the Erie had a station there on Decker Rd just west of Route 15). I do not know if there was an interchange. The L&LC line angled to the northwest toward the shore of Conesus Lake (between McPherson Point and Old Orchard Point) and ran north along the east shore until arriving at Lakeville. Then, the L&LC continued north along the east side of the LAL line. The L&LC is depicted as terminating at Conesus Lake Jct (again, I don't know if there was an interchange).
  by VTM
Which was never built in that configuration.

Please refer to my previous posts

I have seen at least two variations of the L&LC on NYS maps of the time. Both are wrong.

  by sd80mac
After chasing Q091, I head back to rochester on thruway. As I got closer to bridge over LAL, I saw headlight on north side. LAL train was returning to Lakeville with trio alcos!!

funny thing.. as I drove under CSX bridge near G.C.C. in east side of Batavia, ML train was going over bridge. Then I drove over R&S bridge.. Yes... Empty salt train was heading back to mine..

No, I am not lying or joking... very good day for me.. too bad that i wasn't taking pictures of R&S and LAL.. of course I cant bec I was driving :wink: Roadster might be frowning on me if I did.. at least he cant give me ticket :P
  by s4ny
The Erie owned the line from Conesus Lake Jct to Lakeville as well as the line from Painted
Post to Attica. The line from Avon to Rochester was leased.