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  by BucktownJim
I've seen various transit proposals (Lime Line, Crosstown Expressway, etc) that suggest using the railroad right of way that runs along Cicero between North and Montrose.

I've tried to find more info on this stretch of track, but there doesn't seem to be a lot out there. It appears that it is part of the Belt Railway? Is it still used/maintained? If it is in use, how heavily is it used?
  by Allouette
The line was C&NW's path from the Northwest Line to its near west side freight yards on the West Line. North of Mayfair (Montrose) there was another line that went to Evanston just north of Davis St. for North Line freight that connected to the Freight Line to Milwaukee at Bryn Mawr Avenue, running parallel to the North Shore Line up to Northwood where it connected to the line from Proviso.

The line appears to be intact from Mayfair to a little south of Armitage, with a couple of customers.