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  by superbad
Does anybody know anything about the purchases and leased commet cars metrolink is supposed to push into service soon.. from what I understand they are going to be run in the same consist as UTA, which is one car/train and at the front. My big question is, especially the cars not being leased from utah, is metrolink going to wrap these cars on the outside like UTA did, or are they going to leave them in the hideous NJT paint?
  by Kaback9
I would think so. But I know they have some Cab Cars.
  by DutchRailnut
Wow they mean Comet cars
  by NJTMatt
Noticed on the drill slip tonight that a whole line of cars at the MMC has CA written beside them. I wonder!
  by pennsy
Since Metrolink uses bilevel and double deckers, and most stations aren't really that long to accept long trains, they probably won't get too far.
  by lensovet
damn, these cars just don't want to die eh. though, i gotta love the fact that njt is getting some money for them instead of just scrapping them or letting them sit and waste away in the yard.
  by farmerjohn
Well I guess their was a utah Comet car riding around with a metrolink train. Anybody get a ride? how was it?
  by Spokker
I rode the Utah cars recently on the Orange County Line. Different experience being that I've been on that type of car before. One thing I noticed is that at high speed the ride is smooth, but as the train slowed down to stop a station, there was a rumble throughout the entire car. The closest thing I can compare it to is when you have a car that is stable at around 70 MPH but rumbles around at 55 MPH.

Strange but I never felt unsafe.