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  by RailMike
The first time I ever took the CSSSB was around 1988. In some area between Gary and Hammond, I noticed a parallel rail line in the process of abandonment. I distinctly remember that the tracks were north of the CSSSB r/w, about 20-30 yards away. At one point, a bridge over a road was still standing, isolated, while the elevated embankment (which was clearly made from light sand) on either side was being removed.

Anyone know what rail line was being dismantled here, and the (approximate) location of that bridge?
  by JLJ061
I can't think of any roads abandoned north of the South Shore between Gary and Hammond, except maybe the IHB Burns Harbor Branch east of Gary. Other than that all I can think of is the old Wabash just south of the CSS (and Dunes Highway) in the Miller neighborhood east of Gary that was in the process of being abandoned.
  by Tadman
Maybe the B&OCT interchange at East Chicago?

Or the EJ&E on the east end of Gary?

I'm stumped other than that. There's some freight-only trackage between the IC and the Bishop Ford Fwy that could've been rationalised at that time.
  by justalurker66
Most of that section has the toll road immediately north of the track. At the point where the South Shore leaves the toll road on the west end of the parallel running there is a removed connection to CSX, but that is a fairly recent removal. The other area where there would be space to the north would be near Cline Ave ... but there would be no line to remove along there. Any removals on the north side would be across the toll road.