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General discussion of passenger rail systems not otherwise covered in the specific forums in this category, including high speed rail.

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  by The EGE
Traverse City service on the C&O ended on October 29, 1966. I can't find any evidence of the PRR picking up service.

Myrtle Beach appears to have been March 16, 1955.

Owensboro was sometime (I think late) in 1958.

Several of your Florida cities lasted until A-Day under the Seaboard Coast Line - see December 1970 timetable. These included #97/98 (section of the Champion) to Naples via Fort Myers, and another section to Venice via Sarasota. Direct service to Gainesville also ended on A-Day as the St Petersburg section of the South Wind/City of Miami was rerouted via Orlando.

The Silver Star (until October 1994), Palmetto (October 1994-February 1995), Silver Palm (November 1996-May 2002), and Palmetto again (May 2002-November 1, 2004) served Waldo, 15 miles northeast of Gainesville, with Gainesville listed in small text on timetables.
  by ExCon90
The June 1967 Official Guide shows both C&O and PRR having freight service only at Traverse City.
  by Anthony
Please excuse me for reviving an old topic, but what was the name, operator, and year of discontinuance of the last passenger train service to Morgantown, West Virginia?
  by mtuandrew
Can’t say yet, but at least as late as 1948 the B&O offered a pair of daily trains between Pittsburgh and Morgantown. See Table 36 on this timetable: https://streamlinermemories.info/Eastern/B&O48TT.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by ExCon90
FWIW, the May 1955 Official Guide shows Morgantown in the station index as for freight only. Unfortunately I don't have anything closer to 1948.
BTW, anyone planning to click on the link posted by mtuandrew should make sure they've already done everything they have to do for the rest of the day--it's a gold mine of timetable browsing, including passenger fares at that time, with a hefty reduction for a 3-month round trip. Every obscure B&O branch line still had a local passenger train, including the Old Main Line out of Baltimore.
  by The EGE
Last train was in September 1953. Rail trail site and railfan site say September 25; WVU image archive says September 21. The line was down to one daily train at least as early as 1933 (Table 50).

I can't find a date for the end of service between Morgantown and M&K Junction; it isn't listed in the 1933 timetable, and the 1948 timetable has buses on the corridor. So probably 1920s or early 1930s.
  by R36 Combine Coach
railgeekteen wrote: Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:05 pm Does anyone know presque isle, Maine, or State College, PA?
State College had passenger service to 1946 and freight to 1974.
  by The EGE
Presque Isle was September 4, 1961, when Caribou–Northern Main Junction passenger service ended.

R36 is correct about State College. Curiously, the 18-mile Bellefonte Central was never taken over by the PRR, and in fact outlived it.
  by John_Perkowski
The last westward run of UP’s City of Kansas City began 30 April 1971 and passed along the Kansas Division of the UP that night.

The last eastward run passed through Manhattan the morning of May 2, 1971.
  by Gilbert B Norman
The last train for railroad accounts I saw, and possibly the last anywhere, was ATSF #2(DD) at Coal City, IL on Sunday May 2.

Oh and (DD)? that was "Santa Fe-ese" for Amtrak (30).