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  by Easy
LACMTA wants to put fare gates on all stations if possible. This even includes the light rail stations. This is actually doable for most of the light rail stations although I expect that it can't be safely done on most the street running stations.

They also want to go to distance based fares for all rail and maybe for buses. They have funded a study of both projects which is set to begin this month. The timeline actually shows the installation of the gates a year from now. Nothing like knowing what you're going to do, but paying for a study anyway. :wink:

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  by Easy
I forgot to mention that I think that both of these ideas suck!

Especially since the main reason for the fare gates seems to be worries about terrorism. Distance based fares seems to go against all that has been done to this point to facilitate easy and seamless transitions between rail, metro bus, and muni bus.

  by farmerjohn
Their really putting on the financial choke hold on us arnt they?.
I hate distance fare. Thats how the damn bart operates.
No monthly passes either. So for someone like me that works 6 days a week going a far distance it can really take a chunck out of your pocket.
Im spending about $200 a month to take BART to work. I wish it were something more like $50 a month. Damn thing runs off of electricity so theirs no excuse for "fuel". Plus the interior is horrible. Carpets and seats have stains you would sware have been around since the 1970's.
Ive seen cars where the walls are white and you go into the next and its yellow/brown. So for $200 a month and their are qite a few going the way I go you would think they would be doing as good as the buses which are brand new and charge $40 a month for a pass with unlimited transfers to any bus as well as other transit agencys except for bart which I found out they canceld. (use to be 75 cents or something).
Anyway, my point being with the cost issues, what is expected of the elderly both small and large blue collar familys? how are they to afford to go to work if all they are doing is paying to work?.

  by Easy
The fare gate study was voted down so no fare gates or distance based fares in LA anytime soon.