• LA&L RS36 418 roof pictures??

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Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by FL9AC
Anyone out there have a really good roof shot of the 418? I've looked on Railpictures.net, RRpicturearchives.net, NERAIL, and other photo sites and can't get a good downwards roof shot of the 418. I'm currently building a model of it, and can't get the antenna/horn location from the pictures I have. Any help is much apprecated!!

  by scottychaos
one interesting thing about the LAL..
there are NO regular, public roads that pass over it! ;)

I am aware of only three places where one could get a "top down" shot of any LAL locomotives.
one is a rail trail bridge that passes over the top of it..(the former LV mainline, now a trail..somewhat obscure, and I have never actually seen a photo taken from that bridge...you would have to walk or bike down the trail while a LAL train happens to be coming..)

and the others are interstate highways that pass over it..where one cant legally pull over to take pictures..

as a result, there are virtually no top views of LAL locomotives! :(
someone *might* actually have one of 418..
but sadly, the odds are slim..

(someone might have a shot from its ONCT days perhaps..)

hey Rochester railfans..lets get out to that LV bridge and take some pics! :P
418 has been out on the road a lot lately..

  by FL9AC
That's what I seem to remember about that area when I went to college up there a few years ago. It was very hard to get good shots down on the equipment...anywhere. I really need a shot of where the firecracker antenna and the horn are mounted now on the unit. Anyone with a picture of this I would REALLY appreciate the help :-) . Thanks in advance.
  by FL9AC
Looking for a good roof shot for proper horn placement as well as the firecracker antenna on the cab roof. I also need a good roof shot so I can get the correct horn for the unit. Thanks in advance if you can help me Mr. Brefo.
  by Luther Brefo
Back when I took the rooftop photo, 418 was equipped with a Nathan 3 chime (if memory serves me, the Nathan portion is truth though) Nowadays, she sports a Leslie S3L from the looks and sound of it. Pictures coming.
  by FL9AC
Thanks a lot! I'd really appreciate it if you had good roof photos.
  by FL9AC
Thanks a ton Mr. Brefo! There was no rush with the model, but I greatly appreciate you taking the time to look for the photo. I'll post a few pictures when the model is finally done :wink: .
  by FL9AC
Hey all, I finally found the time to build and finish my HO-scale model of the 418...Lemme know what you think ;). I'm thinking about selling it to fund another project so PM me if interested...enjoy!




  by charlie6017
Wow.....very nice job!!

  by FL9AC
Thanks a lot everyone! Mr. Brefo that picture definitely helped out a ton. Thanks!
  by BR&P
Much better than I could do! Missing the catch tank behind the right side MR, missing the exhaust stack extension, and MU walkways need tweaking, but still very nice. What are you asking for it?