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  by sextant
According to my sources the plan by city council is to tear down most of the skyway and replace it with self driving taxis at a cost of 250 million dollars!!! You could just buy a fleet of zip cars and electric bikes for that amount for everyone who lives near downtown Jax
  by Arlington
GirlOnTheTrain wrote: Fri Dec 09, 2022 1:18 am And this has what to do with trains???
1) the people mover is a driverless train. Tearing it out is like any other service and ROW loss.

2) Trains operate, succeed, and fail in a context of trip demand and competitive and technological change : who operates (maybe computers), what powers (petroleum or electricity; wires or on-board), what wheels, what gauge, what ROW.
  by eolesen
Jacksonville's own data shows that they only carry about 1000 people a day on the system. It was built 30 years ago, which means it's probably coming due for replacement of major components.

Since it's built above public streets, there's no ROW to give up or recapture. Just a bunch of elevated structure that's going to cost money to come down. Or, they can just leave it standing like the failed Las Colinas, TX people mover as a testament to stupid transit planning ideas from the 1980s.

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