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and it might go away too-
Ultimate Urban Circulator (U²C) Proposal

Ultimate Urban Circulator (U²C) Proposed Map
In December 2016 preference was given for replacement of the monorail by shared autonomous vehicles that would see vehicles run on the elevated route currently used by the monorail but also continue on an extended network at street level.[15][16] The system would have some similarity to personal rapid transit or group rapid transit except at ground level it will either run in mixed traffic or its lanes will have grade crossings with other traffic.

In December 2017, JTA launched the U²C AV Test and Learn track which serves as an outdoor classroom to test and evaluate multiple vehicles and their associated technologies from the AV shuttle industry. As of 2020 vehicles from three different suppliers have been trialed. In 2019 the JTA indicated an interim phase would involve the modification of one of the monorail beams to allow use by autonomous vehicles while the Skyway continues to run on the other side.[17]

JTA revealed more detailed plans in 2020 that the U2C network will have 10 route miles – elevated track and ground level roadways – also covering surrounding suburbs such as San Marco, Springfield, and Brooklyn/Riverside (with the future possibility of connecting it with the proposed First Coast Commuter Rail network).[18][19][20]

In May 2021 the Jacksonville City Council voted to remove $132 million from the budget for the U²C, leaving $240 million for the project.[21]
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At 260 million for autonomous Vehicals you could just replace the monorail with free taxi vouchers for the next 25 years..