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  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by delvalrailfan
Q409 Selkirk NY-Waycross GA
Q410 Waycross GA-Selkirk NY
Q441 Waycross GA-Tampa FL
Q442 Tampa FL-Waycross GA
Q452 Miami FL-Waycross GA
Q453 Waycross GA-Miami FL
Q455 Waycross GA-Jacksonville FL Turn
Q491 Florence SC-Waycross GA
Q492 Waycross GA-Florence SC
Q512 Waycross GA-Avon IN
Q513 Avon IN-Waycross GA
Q514 Waycross GA-Birmingham AL
Q515 Birmingham AL-Waycross GA
Q541 Cincinnati OH-Waycross GA
Q542 Waycross GA-Cincinnati OH
Q601 Waycross GA-New Orleans LA (UP)
Q602 New Orleans LA (UP)-Waycross GA
Q603 Waycross GA-Winston FL
Q604 Winston FL-Waycross GA
Q608 New Orleans LA-Waycross GA
Q609 Waycross GA-Mobile AL
Q645 Birmingham AL-Waycross GA
Q646 Waycross GA-Birmingham AL
Q647 Chicago IL (BRC)-Waycross GA
Q648 Waycross GA-Chicago IL (BRC)
Q690 Waycross GA-Augusta GA
Q691 Augusta GA-Waycross GA
Q692 Waycross GA-Russell KY
Q693 Russell KY-Waycross GA

Q025 Bedford Park IL-Jacksonville FL
Q026 Jacksonville FL-Bedford Park IL
Q027 Bedford Park IL-Jacksonville FL Thu-Fri
Q031 North Bergen NJ-Jacksonville FL
Q032 Jacksonville FL-North Bergen NJ
Q037 Charlotte NC-Jacksonville FL
Q038 Jacksonville FL-Charlotte NC
Q045 Jacksonville FL-Tampa FL
Q046 Tampa FL-Jacksonville FL
Q105 Jacksonville FL-New Orleans LA (UP)
Q125 Memphis TN-Charleston SC
Q140 Jacksonville FL-Greenville NJ
Q141 Greenville NJ-Jacksonville FL
Q142 Jacksonville FL-North Baltimore OH
Q143 North Baltimore OH-Jacksonville FL
Q177 Jacksonville FL-Winter Haven FL
Q178 Winter Haven FL-Jacksonville FL

Q213 Baldwin FL-Taft FL As Needed
Q214 Taft FL-Baldwin FL As Needed
Q220 Baldwin FL-Louisville KY
Q237 Louisville KY-Baldwin FL
Q238 Baldwin FL-Talladega AL

A719 Baldwin FL-Jacksonville FL
A723 Montgomery AL-Waycross GA Daily
A724 Waycross GA-Montgomery AL Daily
A725 Baldwin FL-Jacksonville FL
A726 Fitzgerald GA-Sessoms GA
A730 Oglethorp GA-Cordele GA
A731 Oglethorp GA-Byronville GA
A732 Oglethorp GA-Junction City GA
A754 Fitzgerald GA
A764 Sanford FL-DeLand FL As Needed
A766 Sanford FL-DeLand FL As Needed
A768 Waycross GA-Jesup GA Mon-Sat
A770 Waycross GA-Brownsand GA
A771 Brownsand GA-Waycross GA
A772 Waycross GA-Folkston GA As Needed
A774 Waycross GA-Brunswick GA Mon-Sat
A775 Taft FL-Longwood FL
A776 Taft FL
A777 Taft FL
A779 Taft FL As Needed
A781 Baldwin FL-Hawthorne FL
A784 Taft FL
A790 Busch FL Mon-Sat
A793 Yulee FL-Jacksonville FL
A794 Waycross GA-Busch FL
A795 Busch FL
A796 Busch FL Sun-Fri
A797 Busch FL
C001 As Needed Herzog
C002 As Needed Herzog
D006 As Needed Work Train
D007 As Needed Work Train
D008 As Needed Work Train
D009 As Needed Work Train
D011 As Needed Work Train
M733 Pensacola FL Daily
M734 Pensacola FL-Pace FL Daily
M735 Chattahoochee FL-Pensacola FL Daily
M736 Pensacola FL-Chattahoochee FL Daily
M738 Jacksonville FL-Taft FL Daily
M743 Attapulgus GA-Tallahassee FL
M744 Baldwin FL-Live Oak FL Sun-Fri
M745 Lake City FL Fri-Wed
M746 Tallahassee FL-Douglas City FL
M747 Jacksonville FL
O700 Tampa FL-Drew Park FL
O701 Clearwater FL
O702 Winston FL-Mulberry FL
O703 Mulberry FL As Needed
O705 Bradenton FL As Needed
O706 Bradenton FL As Needed
O707 Winston FL-Auburndale FL
O708 Tampa FL-Winston FL
O709 Tampa FL-Plant City FL
O710 Tampa FL-Winston FL Sun-Fri
O711 Winston FL-Tampa FL
O712 Winston FL-Sebring FL Sun-Fri
O713 Winston FL-Taft FL Sun-Fri
O714 Winston FL Sat-Sun
O715 Okeechobee FL-Mildred FL
O717 Fort Lauderdale FL-Deerfield Beach FL
O718 Fort Lauderdale FL
O719 Winston FL-Auburndale FL As Needed
O720 Miami FL-Fort Lauderdale FL
O721 Miami FL-Homestead FL
O722 Miami FL-Lehigh FL
O724 Mulberry FL-Ridgewood FL Daily
O725 Mulberry FL-Arcadia FL Tue-Fri
O727 Mulberry FL-Bartow FL As Needed
O728 Tampa FL-Brooksville FL As Needed
O730 Mulberry FL-New Wales FL Daily
O731 Mulberry FL-Bradley Jct FL As Needed
O738 Winston FL-Tampa FL
O739 Winston FL-Tampa FL
O740 Bradenton FL-Oneco FL As Needed
O741 Taft FL-Jacksonville FL Daily
O747 Tampa FL As Needed
O750 Tampa FL-Bradenton FL Daily
O751 Winston FL-Miami FL Sun-Thu
O752 Miami FL-Winston FL Sun-Thu
O754 Tampa FL-Brooksville FL As Needed
O799 Winston FL Daily
O800 Taft FL As Needed
O801 Wildwood FL-Park FL As Needed
O802 Mulberry FL Daily
O803 Jacksonville FL-Bostwick FL As Needed
O823 Tampa FL As Needed