• Italy train crash: Two dead in high-speed derailment

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  by David Benton
"Two people have been killed after a high-speed train derailed near the northern Italian city of Lodi, emergency services say.

Both of the dead are thought to be drivers. At least one person, a cleaner on the train, had significant but not life-threatening injuries."
  by Motorman
It could have been much worser, only the leading car left the trainset and "flew" across some sidings, crashing into some maintenance cars, coming to a rest, turned around 180 degrees. The two engineers were killed. The rest of the train stayed upright and stopped, although completely derailed, between the two maintracks.
It is assumed that a turnaout, on which was worked over the night, didn't work correctly.
You can see the point of the derailment here, at Minute 1:19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tymBPLFzK04
  by Benny
What is sure: during the night there have been maintenance works and, at the end of time, the maintenance team communicated to the control room that the incriminated point was switched off and blocked for the straight track. But the train, at high speed, encountered the point switched to the siding track.
From a chat with railwaymen, technicians and experts it appears that there are only two options:
1) who blocked the point made a wrong work locking to the siding. Not impossible but a different process and why complicate a simple work?
2) who sent the communication to the control room don't checked the real blocking of the point. Far more possible also because on the siding was recovered a draisine then hurted by the train.

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