• Italy to build new high-speed rail line

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  by David Benton
"The Turin-Lyon high-speed railway has been in limbo for months after the country’s new populist government threatened to cancel it.

But in a statement Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte committed to completing the project, ruling that it would cost too much to scrap."

https://www.independent.co.uk/news/worl ... 22656.html
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Wait and hope.... :P :P :P

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  by lpetrich
Turin–Lyon high-speed railway - Wikipedia with Mont d'Ambin Base Tunnel - Wikipedia a.k.a. the Mont Cenis base tunnel. It will be about 57.5 km (35.7 mi) long.

TELT | Homepage • TELT Lyon-Turin - on the construction effort. That page has trouble loading, so I've consulted the effort's Twitter feed: TELT tunnel (@telt_tunnel) / Twitter

I have prepared an English translation of the French and Italian taglines: We are building the cross-border section of the new line #LyonTurin / #TorinoLione

Transalpine Lyon-Turin on Twitter: "ON AVANCE! ..." / Twitter
(Flexed biceps) ON AVANCE !
(30) km de galeries sur les 162 km d’ouvrages souterrains prévus sont déjà creusés sur le chantier @telt_tunnel du #LyonTurin.
(20)% du projet global réalisés.

(Google Translate)
(Flexed biceps) WE ARE GOING FORWARD !
(30) km of galleries out of the 162 km of planned underground structures have already been dug on the site @telt_tunnel of #LyonTurin .
(20)% of the overall project completed.
  by lpetrich
TELT tunnel on Twitter: "Trains are competitive only if they travel on level ground and the only way to do so where there are mountains is to build “base tunnels”. For this reason, 7 tunnels are being built along the #Alps in addition to the #LyonTurin Mont-Cenis | #EUGreenDeal https://t.co/BjoORHaDWg" / Twitter
With an image file that shows:
  • Moncenisio / Mont-Cenis 57.5 -- ?
  • Lötschberg 34.6 km -- partially built, to be completed in 2028
  • Zimmerberg 22.1 km -- partially built
  • Gothard / Gotthard 57 km -- built
  • Ceneri 15.4 km -- in final stages of commissioning
  • Brennero / Brenner 56 km -- 2028
  • Koralm 32 km -- 2026
  • Semmering 22 km -- 2027
Koralm Tunnel - Wikipedia - in central Austria, east-west. It should be open in 2026.

Zimmerberg Base Tunnel - Wikipedia - just south of Zürich. Phase I has been built. It goes between Zürich and Thalwil. Phase II has been shelved, though it may be built around 2030. It goes between Thalwil and Baar.