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All about the Arcade & Attica Railroad

Moderator: Benjamin Maggi

  by Luther Brefo
So it has been a long time since we've heard anything about the A&A. What are they up to and what plans do they have to keep alive? If I recall correctly, number 18 is kinda down for the count and freight has slowed down a lot.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Progress is still being made on #18, though I don't know when she will be operational. Most likely not this year.

They were awarded a state grant and will use that to rehab the track work along the line.

Business is growing, and while I cannot give out carloads-per-year estimates I can say that there are prospects of more industries moving into Arcade. And more business is ALWAYS good news.

If anyone else has information to share, we would all love to hear it. I was set to ride it last weekend but it rained too much for the trip. Now, I am back in Albany thinking of the little short-line...

  by Luther Brefo
Well it is good to hear good news from the A&A. I'd love to see them in action some time... 44 tonner heaven if I recall correctly.

  by Benjamin Maggi
Well, GE switcher heaven. They own two 44-Tonners, #110 and #111, but the former is out of service and only used for parts, if that. If you pass by the little yard in Arcade, you will see it painted bright orange... perhaps to help stop the spreading of rust, or maybe just for cosmetics. #111 is running and used for double-heading, but I heard that it might be facing some mechanical troubles in the future. Finally, #112 is a 65-Tonner and after having its engine redone (either a brand new one put in, or the old one restored, or something like that) it is the prime engine on the railroad and also used for excursion service.

  by nessman
What's happening with the trackwork after the grant they received from the state?