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General discussion about railroad operations, related facilities, maps, and other resources.

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  by ctclark1
Not entirely sure if this should be for here or somewhere else, but it seems to me it would fall under "maps and resources".

I've recently found myself with a lot more "me time" than I've had for the past few years (let's just say my Valentine's Day has freed up) and to fill that time I wanted to start dabbling in some virtual railroad modeling via Trainz, which is something I used to do quite a bit of. One thing I had always wanted to do but had a hard time resources on was the Buffalo and Rochester areas as they were back in the pre-Conrail days, and if I'm going that far, why not try to go back to the era when the Water Level Route was the king of the area in the 4-track days? (The idea of the left-handed running on the freight tracks has always intrigued me too, for no reason other than it was unique and "different")

More to the point, I'm interested in locating resources such as interlocking diagrams from the NYC's pre-CTC era for areas primarily around Buffalo, Batavia, and Rochester. Logic would tell me that for the most part I can still use more recent track diagrams from the PC days and into Conrail for contouring the grades (which I've made heavy use of from the Multimodalways site in the past), but I wanted to see if I could accurately recreate the layout of the 4 tracks, sidings (and "middles, which I only recently learned of), interchanges with other railroads, etc within the area. Multimodalways only has PC diagrams, after CTC and the freight track removal, so not far enough back for what I'm looking for.

I just recently purchased a copy of Charles Knoll's The Water Level Route and by virtue of that I have redrawn diagrams for the Rochester Station with it's 15+ tracks and Chili Jct/SS 33 after the newer crossover track to the West Shore was completed, and was curious what other ones might be out there and available.

If anyone know of anything fitting that bill I'd love to hear it and find out how I might be able to find copies.
  by ctclark1
That's definitely a starting point, thanks!