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  by jp1822
I liked the plan that was put forth where basically two frequecies per day would be offered between Victoria and Nanianimo (spelling - can never spell this city's name sorry), with the later city being the base of operatios, as opposed to Victoria. I think the idea was to bring commuters (as many as could be rounded up) from the northern suburbs to downtown Victoria (or as far as the rails could reach downtown now days)......and then return back north on up to the end of the line Courteney, while returning back to Nanianimo. And some how an evening train would operate northwards out of Victoria and back to Nanianimo.

Then layer in a potential tourist travel market for this train.

With the rest of VIA's system drying up, it would be great to see this service return with Budd RDC's. VIA did seem to spend a pretty good penny on refurbishing these cars for the Vancouver Island service and Sudbury-White River service. Surplus of Budd RDC's also at VIA as a result. I have to wonder if these cars would be better suited for the northern Quebec routes, as opposed to the current locomotive, baggage, and coach service once the trains separate. Not sure if VIA has the proper RDC's with baggage space that would be adequate for the northern Quebec service.