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  by Scotty Burkhardt
I don't know if it is fair to compare the MP36 to the P42 just yet. My reason for saying this is that currently the MP36 and the P42 do very little in common. The P42 is used for long distance trains and the MP36 is used for commuter trains. It's hard to say which is more reliable as MP36's rarely do long distance (Caltrain has sent out MP's on Amtrak for repairs) And P42's rarely do commuter runs.

We must also keep in mind that no railroad has both MP36's and P42's. Aside from Amtrak's basic repairs to Caltrain's MP36. I think for an acurate way of figuring which is more reliable is to run MP36's and P42's on the same operations for a set amount of time.

I think time will show us who the better of the two is. In history, The P42 and the MP36 are both young. When there are more MP36's performing more duties around the country, for a longer amount of time. Then we'll know.

  by byte
Also remember that no P42s have been built in a little while, and none will be built in the forseen future due to new FRA restrictions. So, while we'll probably see a new GE passenger loco, it'll have a different frame/carbody, and will probably also be GEVO powered. That potential locomotive would be a competitor to the MP36, not the P42, since the Genesis production run is over but the MPs are just starting.