• Is a flight really quicker than a train?

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  by eolesen
Yeah, if you choose to fly in and out of Luton, some 30 miles outside of London proper, it's going to be a lot slower.

Now try LGW or LHR.
  by eolesen
Nah, don't need to. I flew LHR-NCE regularly for six years. Hotel to hotel ran about 4-5 hours. Train from NCE was 11-13 hours station to station, and LYS was six hours from NCE... Thats 5-6 hours station to station, plus whatever time it takes on the tube or a taxi to the hotel.

Not saying it's universally shorter or longer, but which London airport you fly from does make a difference, especially when it's Luton or Stansted. I'd never choose air over train LON-PAR/BRU/AMS, but getting to secomdary cities, I'm flying if it's an option vs. making a station to station connection somewhere. Changing from Gare du Lyon to Gare du Nord isn't fun with luggage...

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  by eolesen
David Benton wrote: Tue Nov 22, 2022 4:59 am Heathrow are asking passengers arrive 3 hours before their flight.
If you have elite status or are in business class and can qualify for Fast Track, it's entirely doable to show up 75 minutes prior for a short-haul flight.

Since Eurostar asks you to show up 45-60 minutes ahead of time, we're talking a difference of 30 minutes...