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  by fromway
Do we have any results from the experiment to Saint John. From what info is available they tried with a health train not a xxxxx train. But, it sounded like there were some hiccups. What the word?
  by bostontrainguy
Are you talking CP?
  by fromway
Yes, CP sent an intermodal which, I have heard, went to Saint John. There was a crew and equipment change to NBSR.
  by NHV 669
Yes, they stalled west of Sherbrooke, and had to be pushed by F20. They made it to Jackman sometime after 1500, and got into BVJ before 2100. NBSR power (6319 and 6220) was swapped on, I haven't been able to find anything beyond that. Seems like an underwhelming amount of power for 146 cars.
  by bostontrainguy
Rail & Ports is saying that train happened due to the strikes at the Port of Montreal causing Hapag Lloyd's "Detroit Express" container ship to use the port of Saint John prematurely. The move was planned for sometime in the fall but now the use of Saint John may start immediately. CP admits that the line is not as good as they want it to be but they do plan to improve it.
  by CN9634
There was another 8000' or so on 250 last night overnight to BVJ with Hapags. Irving is also getting ready for autoracks next month, with jobs posted for the vehicle handler position, as well as the compound being refreshed. I am told an intermodal facility for domestic is in the works too (if not this year early next). There was a plan by October to get a dedicated Montreal - SJ train going, but obviously expedited by the POM situation.

Regarding the R&P stuff, Chop departed with the newsletter a few years back, and while he stirred many pots I will admit that he had pretty straight factual reporting, hounding RRs and spokespersons to get some actual substance and sources. The 'new' R&P is based on leaching information from boards like this very one and a certain 'world famous' railfan is at the helm providing rumor based reporting with a sprinkle of facts. The MAERSK PATRAS also isn't confirmed to garner any CP volumes but it likely should -- CP has been handling Maersk/Hamburg Sud on certain lanes and this vessel is listed on their port cutoff list, but majority of Maersk volumes is contracted to CN (Everyone tends to forget how the contract, spot & one-off lane movements work). A newsletter like R&P would be helpful to cover the existing and current Eastern Port structure as well as the alliance statuses, which would give everyone a greater understanding as to what is going on (Even Hapag has published publicly the rate differential of detours SJ vs Halifax, again which is a nugget of info).

Really too bad, as an industry publication should stick to trying to ascertain facts and interviews, not just become a pathway to the industry of railfan rumors. Roy Blanchard's "Week in Review" at least provides the needed balance of industry journalism with a balance for the railfan as well. Even Trains Magazeine and R&R are doing a better job reporting than R&P.
  by NHV 669
When the original CP purchase was announced, i mentioned something about a diversion of some SLR LPG traffic, not truly understanding how their interchanges or routings work north of the border. I get a PM from their "editor" asking for more info on said alleged diversion (nothing more than a hypothetical thought on my part.) How are you gonna source legitimate industry info off a guy like me who gets trackside once in a blue moon these days and gets my heads up from sites like this and Facebook groups?
  by newpylong
CN9634 wrote: Sun Aug 09, 2020 5:13 am The 'new' R&P is based on leaching information from boards like this very one and a certain 'world famous' railfan is at the helm providing rumor based reporting with a sprinkle of facts.
Is the person you speak of the one who stiffed all those people on the book?
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  by fromway
At this point I think it now up to CP and SJ port facilities to make it work. Sometimes being forced to do things works out. How did the NBSR do for their part of the equation?
  by CN9634
Evidently fine. Check out the CP homepage for a shot at Onawa (wicked grown in) and a statement on their first intermodal train. Never seen a Class I PR something so hard:

  by fromway
What kind of power is NBSR providing for the intermodal out of and into SJ?
  by NHV 669
From what I've picked up, the standard batch of company/leaser SD40's.

Here's yesterday's NBSR westbound at MP 11 on the McAdam Sub, likely somewhere enroute to or at BVJ by now:

https://youtube.com/watch?feature=share ... pp=desktop
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  by johnpbarlow
I couldn't get the link to work but I searched Youtube and found it:

Q: the text of the excellent video says NBSR 907 runs 6 days / week - does CP 251 also run 6 days / week now?
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