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  by jb9152
I found this video while noodling around in some of my old links. This is a video of the 300-series (gallery car) simulator that NICTD bought from Orca Railway Systems while I was there. Shots of the NICTD and Metra Electric ROWs as the simulator operates.

The plan, when I was there, was to train all new engineers on this (and another, 100-series) simulator before putting them on a "real" train for field training. They were also going to be used for annual recertification and for remedial training. The physical location of these full-size cab simulators is the Operations Control Center (OCC), in Michigan City.

  by justalurker66
Thanks for sharing!

(Is it sad that even as a "fan" I recognize the locations shown on the screens? :) )

There is also a couple of pictures on this page --- http://www.orcarail.com/?page_id=59
Including ones comparing the real 100 and 300 to the simulator.
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  by jb9152
JLJ061 wrote:Very cool on how realistic it looks, actually outdoes MSTS! Too bad it's not available for anybody to use.
It's a pretty neat system. The controls came from NICTD stock, and the graphics were created from several days of video and photography that Orca did of the entire NICTD territory and the MED from Kensington north. The rest of the cab was fabricated, and the gauges, etc. are digital.