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  by JAJ
Up on Chicago's north side, right at Ashland and Roscoe, I was at the Bank One there and coming south on Ashland was a truck with a very high load, it had a huge escort with it to check for clearances. At first I thought the truck struck the underside of the Ravenswood (I think Brown Line is a bad word around here? ;-) ) branch right at Ashland and Roscoe, but it was just going *extremely* slowly, the clearance was minimal.

As I sat and watched this truck CRAWL down Ashland (causing a huge traffic jam) I realized that the item in the flatbed was seemingly an old rail car! I could tell only by the trucks which looked to be friction-bearing...the car body seemed to be wrapped in plastic. But it looked like some sort of transit car. It and its escort (including some amateur photographers?) continued SLOWLY down Ashland.

Does anyone know what this movement was? A vintage CTA car being trucked away from Howard? Skokie Shops?

right at Addison St. on the Brown Line, err Ravenswood.