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  by NeoArashi
I dunno if this is the right place to post this (if it's not, then I'd ask the moderators to remove this thread. (Spam not intended)), but the purpose of my question qill probably fits here.

I frequently recive E-mail from VIA Rail, and I frequently go to VIA Preference reward system website to looks up on update on discounts. The problem is: All of the discount (unless otherwise stated) are available online (CanRailpass, VIA 6 Pak, Last minute discount) However, I lack a credit card (and a good credit history, no less) So I'm concidering <Moderator's note: the names of specific financial companies were removed since this is not important> to access the Interac online service. My questions are:

1-Is it as secure as using a credit card? (assuming I don't have anyone hacking my computer, of course)
2-Is the service as fast as if I were using a credit card (or my debit card in a store)?
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  by Ken V
I would think that using Interac (debit) to pay for things online with VIA is as safe as using a credit card (if not more so). You don't give your card number or PIN to VIA since the transaction is handled by your bank's online system. It will probably take a little bit longer to make a purchase this way versus a credit card since you will have to log on to the bank's site as well, but it should still be very quick.
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  by NeoArashi
Thanks Ken V, I just edited my own message, and will post it as a separate thread. Thanks for your answers as well.