Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by Clean Cab
Bravo Ducth!! More people should be active in puiblic advocacy groups like the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council!! If they can't attend meetings, they should certainly write to the members of the council and discuss their respective topics. One thing that MNRR does quite well is listen to it's riders. People who buy MN tickets are the most valuable source of feedback that MN regularily listens to.

So if you want things addressed on MNRR, don't just complain to your family and friends, write to either MNRR or the CRCC!!

  by Nasadowsk
Given the way spec's are written, I bet it'll be BBD and Mitsubishi. With the right writers, you can make a spec give you whomever you want, regardless of the 'open bidding' stuff politicians spout. I've seen case in other industries where manufacturers provide a 'premade' 'example spec' ready to be dropped into your 500 page document, so you get just that product (ITT Flygt is an annoying offender, here, but everyone else in the freshwater/turd herding world does it, not to mention automation in general)

  by Dieter
Hey Dutch!

Would the Nutmegers listen to a New Yaukah veteran rider of M-7's? Where do I write to?

Also, what about the present fleet of M's in Connecticut? With those new cars spliced in that should have a lot of life left, I can't see with a growing population that they scrap the entire fleet with the arrival of new gear as replacements.


  by District D RTC
Can anyone confirm, according to what I've been told, the M8's will, in addition to the voltage/power adjustments needed to reach NYP, they will also have ACSES (Amtrak cab-signals) which coupled with the voltage changes will allow these cars to operate past New Haven to Old Saybrook/New London, and into NYP.

I can just hear Amtrak beggining to borrow an 8 car train every Thanksgiving....

  by njtmnrrbuff
Until more tracks, platforms, and yard space is available in Penn, I wouldn't count on MN operating into Penn anytime soon. Would be nice to have MN run on Amtrak's Hellgate Line with stations in places like Co-op City, Hunts Point, and other places. My father's sister lives in Co-op, but whenever she goes to Manhattan, it is by MTA express bus because she is barely near any train station where she is heading. I would like to see service beyone NH to Old saybrook. New London would eb nice but the question is where to turn the trains and build the yards. Old Saybrook makes sense since there is space there. Either way, the new service, as a result of the M8s, would take cars off I-95.

  by DutchRailnut
The M-8's are to get a a ACES compatible system , it will only have like 6 aspects since the cars are only max 100 mph.
yes they will be able to run on 11.5Kv 25 hz - 12.5 Kv 60 Hz and 25 Kv 60 hz.

  by Clean Cab
You cannot change the proposal that is already out for bid. It is set in stone and it would take a incredible miracle to change even the smallest detail.

Whether or not these M8s actually do go all the way into Penn Station, time will tell. But the M8s are being built so that they could run into Penn. I agree that there is a severe shortage of platforms in Penn and I'd be surprised if any MNRR/CDOT train makes it, but hey as the NY Lotto comercials say..................."You Never Know!!"

  by NJD8598
In my opinion it shows that someone out there is thinking about the future, and they aren't taking shortcuts with these cars. Chances are the M8's will be out there for a while, and if the opprotunity to have service to Penn presents itself, at least we'll have the equipment on hand and ready to go.

  by RDL 879
Ironically, the M-2s were designed to run on both 25 and 60-hz power. The MTA began the process of converting the former New Haven 25- hz power supply to 60-hz power shortly after they were delivered (though the cutover wasn't completed until 1986!) So the M-8s will run on 25-hz power when on Amtrak trackage in New York City...sad that Amtrak never was able to follow thru on its plan to convert its parts of the NEC to 60-hz power.

  by RedSoxSuck
If the M8s will not have retractable 3rd rail shoes, then they will NOT be able to enter NYP. End of story.

Also, West Side Yard does not have the wire, do M8s would have to reverse to Queens or go to NJ for storage.

  by Clean Cab
Part of the proposal is for a type of either dual system type of 3rd rail shoe, or one that is retractable. That is what is proposed, that does not mean it will happen. Reality and/or expense may kill this idea. Time will tell.

  by DutchRailnut
The cost of maintenace to moveble shoes and associated air devices would be cost prohibitive, and make the trucks more trouble prone.

  by jwhite07
Given the possibility of running to New London, as these cars are apparently being equipped to allow, are there going to be stepwells and traps on these cars? My information may be dated, but last I knew, a few of the SLE stations still had low platforms.

Also, since Amtrak still runs SLE, wouldn't Amtrak crews working in SLE service have to get qualified on the M7s, and change crews with MN in New Haven?

  by DutchRailnut
Most of SLE stops now are high platform, and yes if Amtrak still holds contract their engineers and conductors will get qualified, if they use these car and if and if and if etc.