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  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
This train is a hate railfans cross Cirebon-Jember because it is often late, who knows who it is? He is the Ranggajati train that aims Jember from Cirebon or vice versa this is a train that often experience delays in the journey, because the path through which a single and double track lane, this train belongs to the youngest train after Solo Express, this train first operated first on 1 November 2016, This train stops at the station
1. Purwokerto
2. Kroya
3. Gombong
4. Karanganyar
5. Kebumen
6. Kutoarjo
7. Wates
8. Yogyakarta
9. Klaten
10. Solo Balapan
11. Solo Jebres
12. Sragen
13. Madiun
14. Nganjuk
15. Kertosono
16. Jombang
17. Mojokerto
18. Wonokromo
19. Surabaya Gubeng
20. Sidoarjo
21. Bangil
22. Pasuruan
23. Probolinggo
24. Jember
this train is a mixed-executive-class business train owned by the Indonesian railway Area Operation 3 Cirebon with the arrangement : power coach+4 executive coach+eating coach+4 business coach, withdrawn locomotive CC206 and series fleet from Cirebon parent board, sometimes given the 2016 economic fleet, because now, the Indonesian Railway is promoting the elimination of business class trains, Its name is taken from another name from the spreader of Islam in the region of Cirebon, Sunan Gunung Jati is Ki Gede Ranggajati who has been instrumental in the spread of Islam in the earth Empal Gentong this, this train carries the title of the furthest train route among railfans Indonesia because Krakatau has become deceased

An example of a photo of the Ranggajati train
https://i.imgur.com/obo4Qgf.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
week using an emergency fleet due IDRT being sickly in Surabaya Gubeng, with an arrangement of 4 economic trains 106 seats+KP type generator train For colleagues who have IG, please DM Brother @ rendra_agus_wardhani_ dengan kalimat "Ter, apakah benar minggu ini kereta komuter SUPOR menggunakan rangkaian darurat?", if you don't use locomotive mah ... where can move atuh...
Atuh and mah : The word denial in Sundanese
  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
In the Area of ​​Operation 4 has Kaligung and Kamandaka, in Operation Area 6 have Joglokerto, what stands for Joglokerto and why is it called a fancy local train? Here ... I explain one by one, Joglokerto is an abbreviation of JOGJA-soLO-purwoKERTO a train name belonging to Operation Area 6 that serves Solo Balapan-Purwokerto relation through South Yogyakarta by using set from Jaka Tingkir train which isn't used at noon, say luxury for what? Since his operational costs don't get the subsidy from Mr Budi Karya Sumadi (Minister of Transportation Indonesia) as the policy holders, Joglokerto was inaugurated two years ago on September 25, Joglokerto departed from Solo Balapan with a stop at the station :
Kroya, for one-way fares or fares around Rp 40000, - same as the executive section on the Pangrango-Siliwangi train, or the Rupiah exchange rate against the dollar today is $0.3565
For the sake please ask me
  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
According to his colleagues only electric train just his local train Area Operation 1? Not only that, you know, in Operation Area 1 also has local trains to cross the East as 3 reservoirs, 3 reservoirs? What are they?
The first is Jatiluhur this train has Tanjungpriok-Cikampek destination with 2 pound trip round trip, Jatiluhur owns 8 trains of economy train and KP type or generator train type which has passenger and genset seating facilities, locomotive pullers from Jatiluhur are GEU18C or CC201, GEU20C or CC203 and rarely use GEC18MMI or CC204 and GECM20EMP or CC206, Jatiluhur stopped by the station, For trip to Tanjungpriok, just stop at Tambun station, Lemahabang, Kedunggedeh, Karawang, Klari, Kosambi, Dawuan, meanwhile, for the trip to Tanjungpriok, stop at Pasar Senen and Kemayoran station, because on the way to Cikampek, at Pasar Senen and Kemayoran run directly Continue Walahar, this train is the same operational system with Pangrango-Siliwangi and Dhoho-Penataran where, when continuing on the next route and vice versa, he changed his name to Cilamaya, Walahar also crosses the same route as Jatiluhur that passes through the Blueline electric train but when it arrives in Cikampek, continues to Cibungur station, Sadang and end the journey in Purwakarta, for tariff issue, this train is priced at Rp 5000, - for Jatiluhur and added Rp 1000, - to Walahar-Cilamaya, The facilities used are usually taken from Jakarta City for the main and Rangkasbitung dipo for Reserves
  by Ronal U18C Indonesia
http://fs1.directupload.net/images/180830/muvzghyy.png" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Interior and exterior of one ofArgo Anggrek's fleets
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