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  by Noel Weaver
Finally, after nearly four long years of the same timetable, it was in the
Sun-Sentinel for Saturday, July 17, 2004 that there would be an additional
train in each direction starting August 2, 2004.
The same article also states that there would be two more trains added in
January, 2005.
They also state that 14 miles of double track between Deerfield Beach and
Lake Worth are finished but they won't be able to take full advantage of
that until the station at Lake Worth is finished in mid August.
The entire job is slated for finish up by the end of 005 although I have my
doubts about that, they still need to build a additional bridge over the New
River in Fort Lauderdale and there is not much evidence of any construction in that area as yet.
Tri-Rail carried 187,686 riders on weekdays in June compared with 166,542 a year ago, a 12.7 per cent increase.
There still needs to be late evening service in my opinion.
Noel Weaver

  by 262
Much of the construction activity for New River Bridge is taking place on the south bank,(under St.Rd 84 overpass,service rd.off of Ravenswood Rd.).There are two large cranes present,and pre-cast concret pieces are being delievered.Fill dirt is arriving south of the Little Yard at Daina,Ravenswood Rd., for pad to lay new track.Pad for double track is complete south of Sterling Rd. Pad and track has been layed south of Pembroke Rd.not ballasted.Trains have to get permission from three foremen between Carmen and Miami Plantation.


  by Noel Weaver
Thanks for that, I only know what I could see from I-95 and I could not
see much there last week. It is a big job, wonder if they will finish on
time or not.
Noel Weaver

  by 262
Bad omen for new track,weed kickers were on rail inspection train #W002 at about 14:45,when it broke down during a rain storm.Luckly the dispatcher had made 0717 get in the clear for W002 earlier instead of going back to Ft.Lauderdale to clock out.0717 was on hand and pulled them into yard to tie up at White Lumber Lead at 17:00. they did not give their engine # so I do not know what power W002 was using.I have seen them before using what I think was a Conrail SD 80 MAC and theater car,and again with a GP40-2 and Amfleet car.
  by Noel Weaver
Rode Tri-Rail yesterday (Friday, August 6th) from Fort Lauderdale to
Miami Airport. There was much work all over the place, construction of
the second main track.
There is work going on at the New River Bridge location, south of Fort
Lauderdale and also much work in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and
Still think it will be a while before the bridge is completed and in service
but at least it will eventually be done.
Southbound train 613 was almost an hour late into Miami - Metro Rail
Transfer. Going home, almost on time. Ridership seemed quite good in
both directions.
I did not see the DMU on the road, It may have been in the yard at
Hialeah but I did not positively see it.
Interesting day.
Noel Weaver

  by ACLfan
Noel Weaver: The reason that you did not see the DMU is because it headed north on Thursday. I saw it on the rear end of the northbound Silver Meteor.



  by Noel Weaver
Good reason, thanks for that information.
  by Noel Weaver
New timetables dated August, 2004 have finally showed up. Suspect there
will be re-issues of this one just like the last one.
Noel Weaver

  by 262
Four new signal masts have been installed,but are bagged,just south of New River,North End of Daina.A large quanity of wooden ties,(new track is concrete tie)is also there.I do not know if they are for bridge or wether new construction will make realingment of the Little Yard at Daina nessesary.The new track will be on the east side of present main north of New River,and on the west side to the south.If they keep the Daina Siding,there will be tripple track all the way to Sterling Rd.This should make for some interesting meets,and new cross overs.Q453 was stopped and left at Ft.Lauderdale Yard friday before last,because of new signal work,it was the first time I have seen that many cars there in years.Notices are posted for zonening noise abbatement for New River Bridge Construction,must mean the pile drivers are comming.

  by 262
I should have guessed option #3,for use of wooden ties.Went by New River site today,they are using ties,and relay rails that were spotted at Daina about 4 months ago,to build a shoo-fly.Now I know why they spent weeks digging the muck out of the dry wash next to the road.Then filling it in and packing it down.
  by Noel Weaver
Yesterday, Monday, January 10th, I took a ride from Fort Lauderdale to
West Palm Beach to check out progress and I found plenty of it.
Here is a general idea of the status:
Double track from just north of Fort Lauderdale Station to a point not far
south of Boca Raton Station (Yamato Road). A passing siding is still in use
between Boca Raton and Delray Beach Stations although the passing
siding will become the second track eventually. Only the northbound side
at Delray Beach is presently in use although the southbound side looks
almost ready. From a point slightly north of Delray Beach two tracks are
in use to a point between Lake Worth and West Palm Beach stations.
At Boca Raton, the new station is well along and will likely be finished in a
month or two. When that new station is in use, the old station will likely be
demolished immediately as it sits on the right of way of the new second
There is still a lot of construction in progress at West Palm Beach and just
south of that point so it will be a while longer before there are two working
tracks there.
Finally, at Fort Lauderdale Station, the new platform and canopy for the
new east track (northbound track) is just about finished and they were
actually working on the job while I was waiting. CSX had a rather crummy looking siding at that location and that has not been worked on
much yet.
One thing I noticed around the Boynton Beach and Lake Worth areas was
a sound barrier and in my opinion, it is a real eyesore. Grafitti is already
starting to appear on it and it will look terrible before too long.
In short, they are making good progress, better than the progress on the
parallel I-95 which has been going on forever.
Noel Weaver

  by Rockingham Racer
Thanks for the update; keep us posted.

  by njtmnrrbuff
I guess this double track will benefit freights as well as amtrak's Atlantic Coast operations.


  by Noel Weaver
njt/mnrrbuff wrote:I guess this double track will benefit freights as well as amtrak's Atlantic Coast operations.
Only a couple of through freight trains a day each way on this line and
mostly at night.
There is, however, a considerable amount of local business on this line all
the way between Hialeah and West Palm Beach. The double tracking will
have a double edge on this business and how CSX handles it as now all of
the sidings on the east side of the line will have to be accessed from the
east track and all of the sidings on the west side of the line will have to be
accessed from the west track. One one hand, the local(s) will be able to
still function to a point with passenger trains running but will have to cross
over more to finish all of their work.
The work is being done to benefit commuters and passengers and not to
benefit CSX anyway.
Amtrak is down to two trains each way now and if they are properly
scheduled, they should get a good shot but if a southbound is late, it may
get stuck behind a Tri-Rail train along the way.
Noel Weaver

  by 262
New track is being layed south of Sterling Rd.More re-lay rails and wooden ties where spotted,at Little Yard at Dania,Old Airport Bus Transfer Team Track monday.Today a crew was building switch and track pannels.Pad for new rail is complete,south from Little Yard,to about Tiger Tail Rd.Had some good train spotting today around noon.0722 was held at Little Yard,For P098,PO92 and a very late or early Q453.