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  by Rockingham Racer
Isn't this going to be CTC? If so, Amtrak trains conceivably could be run aroung slower moving locals.
  by Noel Weaver
Rockingham Racer wrote:Isn't this going to be CTC? If so, Amtrak trains conceivably could be run aroung slower moving locals.
This line is entirely CTC whether it is single or double track at a particular
Problem with Amtrak is that even with many less stops, their running time
is longer than Tri-Rail's is between Miami and West Palm Beach.
Tri-Rail southbound is around one hour and thirty eight minutes and
northbound around one hour and forty one minutes.
Amtrak's running time between Miami and West Palm Beach varies from
the shortest being one hour and forty seven minutes on train 98 to the
longest being two hours and two minutes on train 91.
I don't see any way that Amtrak will run around Tri-Rail at any location.
Tri-Rail makes thirteen intermediate stops between Metro Rail Transfer
(closest point to Amtrak's Miami station) and West Palm Beach while
Amtrak makes only four intermediate stops but their dwell time in the
stations is in some cases ridiculous. The crew takes the tickets before
letting people board and that consumes time, usually only one door for
passengers to get on too in the coach section while baggage has to be
loaded/unloaded too.
Two trains appear, Tri-Rail goes first and stays ahead all the way. Tri-
Rail's dwell time in a station is less than a minute in most cases.
Noel Weaver

  by Rockingham Racer
Yeah, that makes sense. I really marvel at the leisurely dwell time at stations, even if they're running late. It reminds me of what a Mexican once told me about their former passenger trains: they leave when they want, and arrive when they can! :P