• Improvements to allow for doublestack trains in Philly

  • Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.
Discussion of the operations of CSX Transportation, from 1980 to the present. Official site can be found here: CSXT.COM.

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  by nomis
Has the work for clearances been completed? Are double stacks or autoracks allowed on the NYSL portion?
  by bth8446
I don't know if they are 'done' but I've seen no double stack passing by the area near the SEPTA regional rail underpass. IN that area, the dug and put some new rail (completed). can that one rail handle double stack, I don't know.

BUT, the work continues. They've ripped up the old rail and dug a bit deeper, and I just noticed gravel (don't know if its official ballast yet) dropped in the trench dug out just today. I assume new rail will sit there as well.

But, I'm definitely not an insider, just my visual observations
  by bth8446
Actually, I was noticing that they are laying down 2 more sets of track under this area by SEPTA's Roberts yard. So there is a total of 3 tracks. This time, the two tracks seem noticibly lower.

I thought when they dug the initial trench to lay down what is now the currently active track, that it would handle double stack, but now I wonder if thats the case.

As said, the other two new tracks are visibly lower.

Is that currently active track going to be inactivated once the other two tracks are activated?
  by Arlington
Thanks for the update! Does anyone know the layout when finished?
  by jslader
The current active track will remain active, but it will not go under the bridge. It will bear to the left as the connector track to SEPTA (known as the "Blueliner Connector"). The area will look much as it did before the work, except two tracks will be passing under the bridge as opposed to the one before, and both tracks will be able to handle stacks.
As for the entire project, much work remains. Many bridges have to have clearance work performed, including Cottman Ave (which is currently being reconstructed, but not to clearance height; apparently after the bridge is finished CSX will go back and undercut the track). The most challenging projects include the trench just east of CP Nice that goes alongside Wayne Station (the track passes under some streets-like Germantown Avenue-whose bridges can't just be rebuilt, BUT the trench is lined with concrete), and the NS overpass just north of Woodbourne station. However, it was said CP Nice would be difficult, but they made it seem rather easy.

Also, they have begun laying down one if the other tracks at CP Nice.
  by BuddSilverliner269
JS, thanks for the updates. It remains to be seen how long this project will take, but Im glad to see the work, as slow as it may seem.
  by ex Budd man
What kind of camera are you using? The image quality is very poor when veiwed on my monitor.
  by jslader
I use my HTC EVO. However, I have cropped my pics down to meet the 400kb per picture requirement, which compromises their quality. Perhaps it is time I opened a Flickr account. A tip, however: under the "tools" menu of your web browser you may find a zoom level for viewing the browser. It will probably be checked "normal/default". Check it to a smaller or the smallest setting. You probably won't be able to view the words without 20/15 vision but my pics may have more clarity.
  by nomis
Cottman Ave OHB has traffic single laned on the Southern half again.the north side is lacking a sidewalk. Last week, around Wed I think, all 4 lanes were opened.
  by bth8446
Near where the rails go under the SEPTA line, near SEPTAs ROBERTs Yard area, they lowered the one set of rails first, then did the other. That was completed months ago. 'They' went away, but are back digging again. I don't know if they would be putting in a 3rd rail, or if they are just digging for water management purposes . . . But activities continue in that area