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  by AMTK84
Last night I asked an engineer on the MILW West why 211 had run hear most of this week (2237 Monday, 2233 Tuesday, 2239 Wednesday) and apparently some guys on NCS had written up complaint after complaint about a problem (He wasn't sure what exactly) with the 211. The shops tried to fix it but couldn't; the temperary solution for now is to not assign her to NCS as much as possible until the problem gets fixed.

But what happens when the MILW guys notice the "problem" she has...?
  by MikeF
AMTK84 wrote:But what happens when the MILW guys notice the "problem" she has...?
Send it to the Rock Island! :P

  by metraRI
211 was all ready on RI until like 1999-2000. I believe a F40PHM-2 has always been over on NCS/MILW since NCS started. 214, 213, and now 211 have been used.

  by MetraF40C607
Simple, send it to 47th street.

  by c604.
I agree with MikeF send it to the Rock as I'm sure there it can be appriciated by bones every day :wink: :wink: :-D

  by bones
I like the 200's alot better than the 400's!

  by AmtrakFan
Better yet send it to the BN and we can dump a ugly MP36.

  by MetraRy
Right on AmtrakFan

  by MetraF40C607
I find it pleasing to know that I can get quite a variety on the MILW lines with being able to se F40PHs, an F40PHM-2, and MP36s. (I hate MPs)