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  by gearhead
should be next. NYC has its own big dig with the LIRR and Metro North Trains coming together, Then routing IC(CN) and South Shore Trains in Union Station or via some sort of underground walkway should be next. Also I cant help but notice that a defacto type of segragation exists between the passengers in Randolf Street Station and Union/CNW station exists because the IC lines serve the south side and the CNW lines serve the north side( I am mentioning this because of the new MLK Memerial in DC that opens today. A combined station would unite North and South Sides and make for a stronger Chicago. (Hey Emanual are you listening here!?)
  by mtuandrew
First of all, why? New York City's problem is that its main intercity stations (GCT, Penn, Hoboken, Atlantic Terminal) are fairly far from each other, with no direct subway line linking the two. Chicago doesn't have that problem, with five stations within 15 blocks of each other. The problems are that only one of the stations (LaSalle St.) has a CTA stop, and only Union Station is accessible from both the north and the south. You could fix those by making One Big Station in the middle of downtown and tunneling into it from the north, south and west, but why solve a problem that isn't a problem?

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  by Ken S.
New York still maintains 4 different primary commuter train terminals (Penn Station, Grand Central, Hoboken, and Atlantic Terminal) and 3 secondary ones (Jamaica, Hunterspoint Avenue, Newark Penn).
  by justalurker66
Chicago is fine with the separate terminals ... and the consideration is to move more trains to LaSalle away from Union Station ... not further clog up that west loop station.
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