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  by Tadman
New pics at davesrailpix.com


1926 MU's with plows - also, they're two motor cars coupled together, an unheard of combo as well.
  by amtrakhogger
Are these cars retired?

  by octr202
That's great -- its like the RR equivalent of slapping plows on DPW trucks!

  by pennsy
Hi All

Now that shows you that someone or group of someones is thinking, and on the right track. Great piece of innovation.
  by byte
amtrakhogger wrote:Are these cars retired?
Yeah, they're gone. At some point in the 80s they had been sitting around unused for a long period of time and had been vandalized, so Metra took the plows off and scrapped the cars. There's a picture around of the 305 and 308 hauling them away, sans plow.

Edit: Here's the picture - http://www.davesrailpix.com/ic/htm/ic025.htm

  by Tadman
It's nuts to see the comparison between the two photos - a 1980 shot of the cleanest green MU's since 1930, and a 1989 shot of them after their destruction by vandals. I can't RTA/Metra wanted to use the south chicago yard for anything - I think the 1980's were probably one of the worst decades for that area, which appears to be slowly reviving.

A real shame these weren't cared for and donated to IRM or East Troy - it's a amazing how clean they look in the 1980 photo.