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  by dylanoakes
Today I was driving just west of downtown and got caught by a grade crossing, the leads heading into Union Station. This was about 3:45pm. The train that went by was an INBOUND train with the engine leading. This dumbfounded me, and I quickly got a video of it.

Not till just now did I even realize that this was probably one of the 3 Heritage Corridor sets headed from Western Ave to do their evening outbound runs. Either way, it's kinda interesting. Unless I'm wrong? Then that'd be a whole different story.

  by AMTKHawkeye
You are exactly correct - this was the equipment for either the first or second Heritage Corridor train of the evening, with the departures taking place at 4:30pm and 5:25pm. (The third evening train leaving CUS at 6:12pm runs with only 3 coaches, the only train on the entire Metra system that is still scheduled to do so).