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  by NeoArashi
I would like to work for Via Rail, if possible, or course!

But there MIGHT be a slight problem. I live in a town next to Quebec City. Getting to Quebec City train station is no problem for me, but the reporting office (as they call it) is set to Montreal. Do any of you guys know if the only take people who live in, or near those reporting offices cities (Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver) Or as long as I live near or have easy acces to a terminal (in my case, Quebec city) I should be fine?

Thanks in advance for your answers, and wish me luck! Who knows, maybe I will meet one of you guys someday ;)
  by timberley
I would recommend that you try contacting VIA to verify the situation, however I think you may have an issue. The listing for the Montreal job is marked as "based in Montreal." If you're based in Montreal, it means you'll be getting sent on trains out from there (whether it be towards Ottawa/Toronto, Quebec, or farther east) and ultimately being scheduled to return to Montreal either the same day or within a few days depending on the schedule. I don't know if VIA has any crews based in Quebec City, but I wouldn't be surprised if they're entirely Montreal-based.

For example, the Ocean runs between Halifax and Montreal, but is crewed mostly in Halifax with a few positions in Moncton. If you lived somewhere else along the line or even in Montreal, it wouldn't be any good because VIA schedules all their crews to leave from Halifax and ultimately return there with a subsequent train. In the case of Montreal-Quebec City trains, I believe the crews start their trips on Mtl-QC trains and subsequently staff the QC-Mtl trains on their return trips (either later in the day or after a layover).

So while I'd still recommend that you contact VIA if you want to be sure, I do fear that you may be out of luck unless you can move to Montreal.

Still, I do wish you luck with your application! Working for VIA would certainly be a great job. I actually thought about applying for the service attendant posting in Halifax, but I don't meet the requisite bilingual level.
  by NeoArashi
I see. Oh well, this was more of a "try it, if it doesb't work out, just move on" kimd of thing. I wasn't planning on quitting my current job. At least I will have tried.

My GF would like to move out to Hlaifax someday, so who knows, if I DO move there, maybe I'll have better luck!
  by marquisofmississauga
VIA recently had a job posting for several (15, I think) on-board service attendant trainees in Halifax. They were indicated as permanent positions, but subject to layoff in October. Perhaps they will have more of these positions available if and when the long-term status of the "Ocean" is positive.