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  by trainbrain
The HVAC on the R46, R142, R143, and R160 is significantly louder than the HVAC on the R32, R42, R62, R68, and R142A. I know the cars all likely have different systems, but why are the ones on the cars mentioned so loud, especially the newer models.
  by tommyboy6181
One thing I do know is that the R142A, R143, R160, and upcoming R179 cars all use HVAC from Mitsubishi Electric. However, the R143 and R160 cars IIRC use a larger unit with additional capacity which could indicate that difference. The R142 uses HVAC from ThermoKing (Ingersoll-Rand) which has always been loud from the start.

The other thing to note is that the newer cars (R142/R142A and everything built since have moved to a roof mounted HVAC system compared to a split duct system. That could also be one of the reasons.