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  by pnaw10
Silverliner II wrote:Yes, he thought he was on an Amtrak Regional to Newark. Don't ask me how he made that mistake when Amtrak and SEPTA board at different levels at 30th Street Station!
I seriously think we're in a society where people just fail to pay attention to detail anymore. People are in such a hurry, they don't bother to read signs or listen to announcements. I just read the "day in the life of a subway conductor" on nycsubway.org the other day, and you'd be surprised how many people complain about having their stop skipped, even after the conductor made several announcements to warn people that the train would be skipping those stops.

Similarly, working in radio, I can announce the name of a new song at the beginning, and again at the end, and every time, I'll always have a listener call me and ask what the name of that new song was. With some people, it doesn't matter how many times you repeat the announcement, or how big and flashy the signs are -- they just don't get it. And when they wind up on the wrong train, or they miss the train by 2 minutes, they have nobody to blame but themselves ... but they try to blame everyone but themselves. :P

  by Lackawanna484
I think many people run on habit, rather than thought.

OK, it's 7:34, there's a train on Track 1
My train usually leaves from track 1 at around 7:34
(ignores different logo on car, conductor shouting something like Amtrak)

  by DutchRailnut
Wrong RR, Wrong Line , Wrong subject, lets get back to Harlem/Hudson push pulls

  by Silverliner II
DutchRailnut wrote:Wrong RR, Wrong Line , Wrong subject, lets get back to Harlem/Hudson push pulls
Or better yet, change the topic to something along the lines of "People Who Don't Know Commuter Trains From Amtrak"....LOL!!! I just scrolled back to see just how we got off track, and it started with the post about the Amtrak P40's on the minibomb sets.

I am just realizing how easy it is to get on a tangent. So just to get back on track, change "SEPTA" in my post above to "Metro-North", make the boarding at Yonkers, or Croton-Harmon, and the disgruntled passenger will be on a Metro-North train to Poughkeepsie instead of an Empire train to Albany or points west....

I am sure it has happpened. :-D

And that being said, the original poster's question was answered....so...nuff said, I think.