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  by johndoe780
I don't understand why they just don't put in a vending machine instead. For the good majority of commuters who pay full fare, it just makes sense, frees up conductor time during non-rush and weekends, and it's just easier overall since you can pay with a credit card at vending machines.

Having staffed ticketing agents downtown makes sense, less so at suburban stops.
  by byte
The most recent (2006) Metra weekday boarding count (from RTAMS) indicates Hubbard Woods had 371 weekday boardings, the latest number in a decline from the highest recorded weekday boarding count in the RTAMS system, 502 riders in 1987. I imagine that the downward trend of ridership has continued since 2006, but even going by the eight-year-old numbers, let's compare the weekday boardings at Hubbard Woods with the other stations on the UP-N which don't have agents:

Kenosha: 431
Winthrop Harbor: 79
Zion: 152
North Chicago: 191
Fort Sheridan: 279
Highwood: 279
Ravinia: 332
Ravinia Park: No Data!
Braeside: 341
Hubbard Woods: 371
Indian Hill: 362
Evanston Main: 869
Rogers Park: 1,176
Ravenswood: 1,940
Clybourn: 697

The removal of the agent at Hubbard Woods seems to be a sound decision based on its weekday boarding figures compared with those of other agent-less stations on the UP-N line.
  by ryanch
byte wrote: Hubbard Woods: 371
Ravenswood: 1,940
Is it possible that the Hubbard Woods agent is being transferred to the new Ravenswood Station? I'm having trouble figuring out whether the outbound station is intended to be staffed.