Discussion related to commuter rail and rapid transit operations in the Chicago area including the South Shore Line, Metra Rail, and Chicago Transit Authority.

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  by MetraF40C607
Ya know Mike, it does make one wonder. Wouldn't exactly hurt Metra. :wink:

  by metra 613
How about Western av on the Milw. I know when the c were running Western av was a good place to get allmost all of them on the Milw. And u get to see all the yard moves on the CNW/UP and the Milw stuff to coming in and out of Western av yard. Oh yea and there are some Amtrak trains past there to.
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  by F40CFan
Its been a while, but the Highlands stop is nice. There's a bridge west of it over the tracks that makes for nice viewing.

  by MetraRy
while all are good ideas, AlcoFA makes it sound as if he will only be in town for a short time. If that is true, then, i would recomened either Elmhurst(up-w) or berwyn, Riverside, Brookfield and lagrange on the BN.
All of the above have good service What time of the day are you going to spend watching trains? If you need to get back before early eveing, then lagrange has 2 early eving express to chicago. All the above have excellent frieght action. What specifics are you looking for?
  by AlcoFA
Again, thanks to all for the wealth of information.

Looks like we will give LaGrange Road a shot. We will be heading back east on #30 that has a 5:35 p.m. departure time, so we'll have to be back to Union Station before then.

One thing is for certain: the next time that my son & I plan something like this we will be sure to stick around for a few days! We sort of threw this trip together on short notice because he is off from school and I have a few days off from work so it will give us a chance to do go on a trip together.

I am sure that all of the locations mentioned in this thread are a lot more active that any of the places that we visit here in Southern New England!

You have all been a great help.

Chris & Patrick L.
East Hartford, CT
  by AlcoFA
My son and I spent the afternoon at LaGrange Road on Monday April 18. Rode the 10:30 train out of Union Station and returned on the 3:03. We saw about 15 trains in our time there. We did hear something about a derailment (Amtrak #6 was using buses between Ottumwa, Iowa and Chicago), so this may have cut down on the number of trains.

Weather was perfect and we had a great day. Thank you to all for the information.

Chris & Patrick L.
East Hartford, CT

  by AmtrakFan
Chris and Patrick,
Yes BNSF had a big Derailment in IA. 15 Trains is pretty normal for 5 Hours.