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  by TDowling
What other horns does njt use on its cab cars besides the k5la? Heard an interesting one on the 1210 pm from netcong yesterday....
  by trainbrain
NJT only has k5la horns on its equipment. 4112 had a P5 for a while, but it was changed to a k5la, and some Comet 1's had rs3l's. Some of the horns are more restricted than others, but they are all the same model.
  by andegold
Don't the Arrows have horns with only two pipes not five? Also the original question was about cab cars, not locomotives and yes, I know under FRA rules anything with a control stand is a locomotive.
  by trainbrain
Woops, forgot about those. The Arrows have WABCO aa-2 horns. The line I ride most often is diesel, so obviously one will never see the Arrows there which is why I forgot about them. The entire push pull fleet has k5la's.
  by GSC
Is it possible to tune those horns? Although the horns on cab cars and locos sound similar, quite a few cab cars have horns that "squeek".
  by Limited-Clear
The chord from the horn depends on a few things, first up is how the horn was cast, is the airflow restricted (many RRs now use a restricter in the air inlet), are the diaphragms in good condition and also the size of the bore affects it.

Many K5LAs sound different for these very reasons and hence you may hear reference to Amtrak tuned horns or Canadian tuned ones (the Canadian ones actually use different bells but are still K5 family for 5 chimes)

As K5 was mentioned this info is relevant to Nathan airchime